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Fuel cell calculator app


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Fuel cell calculator app


An app designed for the fuel cell community by people in the fuel cell community.

Calculate gas flows, coolant flows†, power†, stack compression, and humidifier water balance†. Gas flows allow for nitrogen in the anode stream, and coolant flow provides water or WEG concentrations.

Customisable settings, a memory of last inputs and storage of your favourites!
Multilingual support.

† Available in the Pro Version.

Fuel cell calculator app

Gas Flows

Calculate air, hydrogen, and water produced flows. Pick from entering inputs in current density and active area or current. Output flow for the entire stack or a single cell and choose between using the stoichiometric ratio or theoretical reactants.

Nitrogen can be added to the hydrogen on a dry volumetric basis to simulate recirculation. If nitrogen is included, the nitrogen flow will be computed.

Fuel cell calculator app

Coolant Flow

The cooling flow calculator is useful to determine the coolant flow required for each cell or the entire stack.

Coolant input temperature is used to determine coolant fluid properties. The average of the input and output temperatures is used to determine fluid density and heat capacity to more accurately determine the required coolant flow.

Additionally, a water/ethylene glycol mixture (volumetric) can be specified.
We recommend using the HHV of hydrogen for cooling flow calculations.

Fuel cell calculator app


Power is calculated on a stack, cell, and areal basis using current and voltage or current density and active area as inputs.

Suppose a single cell stack calculation is desired, then enter 1 in No. Cells.

We recommend using the LHV of hydrogen for efficiency calculations in most cases.

Fuel cell calculator app

Stack Compression

Stack compression calculations are used with stack compression systems that are typically used in developmental testing that employ a pneumatic piston or bladder.

The compressive force is inputted, and pneumatic pressure is determined or vice versa.

Fuel cell calculator app

Humidifier Water Balance

The water balance calculation is used to determine the efficiency and setpoint correction value of a cathode humidifier. RH or dewpoint temperature can be entered, and water may be collected in mass or volume units. Outlet RH/dewpoint calculated, and water volume (if used) is corrected using the air vent temperature downstream of the condenser.

The system must have the stack cathode inlet pipe connected directly to the stack cathode outlet. A proportional value is usually needed to simulate the omitted stack pressure drop so the humidifier sees the correct back pressure. Before the air is vented, a condenser/cooler and water separator are needed to knock out as much water as possible. A container of adequate size is needed to collect the knocked out water. The temperature at the humidifier mix point (or outlet if all air flows through the humidifier) and the temperature of the vented gas downstream of the condenser/cooler is needed.

The calculation assumes the input air pressure 200-kPa, which introduces little to no error in most systems.

Fuel cell calculator app


Fuel cell calculator app

Multilingual support

It is possible to use the app in any of the 12 languages supported.

  • Chinese
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Norwegian
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