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Discover ‘My Fuel Cell Friend’, your ultimate companion for all things fuel cell-related. This user-friendly app offers gas flow calculations, coolant assessments, power calculations, stack compression support, and humidifier water balance analysis. Customize settings, save your preferences, and enjoy multiple language support. Join our global community today to streamline your fuel cell projects. Download now and supercharge your fuel cell endeavours!

hydrogen fuel cells
hydrogen fuel cells

Gas Flows

Easily calculate air, hydrogen, and water production rates. Input data using current density, active area, or current. Choose to compute flows for the entire stack or a single cell, and opt between stoichiometric ratio or theoretical reactants. Simulate recirculation by adding nitrogen on a dry volumetric basis, with automatic nitrogen flow calculation when included.

Cooling Flows

Our cooling flow calculator simplifies the task of determining coolant flow rates for individual cells or the entire stack. It utilizes coolant input temperature for precise fluid property calculations and accurately computes the required coolant flow by averaging input and output temperatures to determine fluid density and heat capacity. Additionally, a water/ethylene glycol mixture (volumetric) can be specified. For optimal accuracy, we recommend using the HHV of hydrogen in your cooling flow calculations.

hydrogen fuel cells
hydrogen fuel cells


The app calculates power on stack, cell, and areal bases using current and voltage or current density and active area as inputs. For single cell stack calculations, input ‘1’ in ‘No. Cells.’ Efficiency calculations are optimized by using the LHV of hydrogen in most cases.

Stack Compression

Stack compression calculations are employed in developmental testing, particularly in systems using pneumatic piston or bladder mechanisms. Input the compressive force to determine pneumatic pressure, or vice versa.

hydrogen fuel cells
hydrogen fuel cells

Humidifier Water Balance

The app’s water balance calculation is a vital tool for assessing cathode humidifier efficiency and setpoint correction. It allows input of RH or dewpoint temperature, with water collection in mass or volume units. The outlet RH/dewpoint is calculated, and water volume (if used) is adjusted based on air vent temperature downstream of the condenser.

To ensure accuracy, the system should connect the stack cathode inlet pipe directly to the stack cathode outlet. A proportional value is often required to simulate the omitted stack pressure drop for correct back pressure. Prior to venting air, a condenser/cooler and water separator are essential for efficient water removal. A sufficiently sized container is needed to collect the separated water. Temperature data at the humidifier mix point (or outlet, if all air flows through the humidifier) and downstream of the condenser/cooler are required for the calculation.

Note that the calculation assumes an input air pressure of 200-kPa, which introduces minimal error in most systems.

hydrogen fuel cells


Personalize your experience with these options:

Units: The Units page lets you choose your favourite units for each input and output.

Settings: Head to the Settings page to switch between standard and normal conditions, select the lower or higher heating value of hydrogen, and configure the number of outputs.

Favourites: Easily access your frequently used inputs by storing them on the Favourites page. Customize the app to suit your preferences.

Multiple Language Support

  • Chinese
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Norwegian
  • Spanish
  • Swedish

Enjoy the convenience of using the app in your preferred language, making it easier for a global audience to benefit from its features.

hydrogen fuel cells
hydrogen fuel cells

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