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Find Out Why People are Lining up to buy The Tesla Semi, Nikola Tre and Peterbilt Model 579EV and What They Don’t Want You to Know.

With Nikola being talked about as the next Tesla and both planning products in the same space, its time see how the trucks stack up and which rig pulls out in front!




Robert Wingrove

Principal Consultant / Founder

The Backstory

“It’s the most movement we’ve seen in the industry in decades”

Battery electric heavy-duty trucks are nothing new, they have been around for more than ten years, but none have reached volume production until the promise of these three stunners. The dream is zero-emissions and low fuel cost with no compromises. A well-suited traction motor and an optimal solution to the cost/range/weight battery trade-off have left the heavy-duty tractor manufacturers on the sidelines of the EV revolution Continue reading “Comparison: Tesla, Nikola & Peterbilt”